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How do I attend an iStockalypse?

Watch this site for updates on upcoming events and follow the instructions when they appear. Once the tickets go on sale, click to purchase your first-come first-served ticket to the event.

What does an iStockalypse ticket include?

A ticket covers your access to the official event Home Base, attendance at the educational seminars, access to group shoots and mobile educational shoots and all workshops. Your ticket will also cover the welcome kit which includes a great event Tshirt and some goodies. The ticket cost does not include meals, travel, or your accommodation.

Who can attend an iStockalypse?


The iStockalypse events are all about educating contributors and sharing the wealth of knowledge that exists during such a gathering of artists. Some events may have opportunities that are open only to iStock exclusive contributors, such as Pitch Shoots so read the event description for each new posting for details on eligibility.

What is a Side Shoot and what is a Pitch Shoot?


At the iStockalypse events, we've noticed that attendees often want to organize their own shoots. They want to participate in the activities of the Lypse but also shoot more of their own content, on their own time, organized with their own resources, with their own models, props, locations, etc. We've noticed this happening so much at events, that we've given it a name. We call them SIDE SHOOTS.

These are photo / video shoots that occur "on the side" of the official iStockalypse event schedule. We always encourage attendees to organize their own Side Shoot too. We want folks to take advantage of the opportunity to shoot in a new location and get authentic local content…. plus you get more content than is offered during the official iStockalypse schedule alone. It's also a chance to spread your wings and apply the knowledge from the iStockalypse education days and shoot your own stuff (or together with fellow attendees).


A Pitch Shoot is a Side Shoot, with the added component of financial assistance from iStock. Essentially, if you know you want to organize a Side Shoot, and you've met the criteria for financial support… then you PITCH us your concept. Tell us about your shoot, outline the idea and if we love it, we'll hook you up with cash to make it a reality. A Pitch Shoot only differs from the Side Shoot by the financial assistance. Both are Side Shoots, it's just that a Pitch Shoot requires you to pitch your shoot idea in exchange for financial assistance.

With ANY type of Shoot, if you organize one, we'll happily help you through the process by making local recommendations and suggestions to make your planning easier. We'll also try to schedule an Art Director from the iStockalypse come over, check out your shoot and lend a hand while you're on set.

How do I apply for a Pitch Shoot?

If you can answer YES to all of these questions then you're on your way! Just send an email to LYPSE @ for your next steps to getting financial assistance and turn your Side Shoot into a Pitch Shoot:

- are you an exclusive iStock contributor?
- are you attending the next iStockalypse?
- are you planning your own shoot during the iStockalypse?
- is your self-organized shoot within the overall theme of the event?
- do you have all the necessary permits and authorizations to organize a shoot?

If so, send an email to LYPSE @ gettyimages. com for more details. We'll send you the tools to submit your application for financial assistance, help you plan your shoot and get all your questions answered!

How do I attend a Minilypse?

Watch your My Minilypse page for new postings and follow the instructions. Many Minilypses are first-come first serve. So don’t waste too much time thinking it over.

How do I host a Minilypse?

Put together a high-level plan – where you are located, what kind of imagery you’d like to create, how you see it unfolding. We'll review your proposal and work with you - we'll do what we can to support you to make it happen. We'll always be available to provide help with the logistics, paperwork and questions. We'll also send you some goodies to help your event go more smoothly. In some cases, we'll also be available to collaborate with you on the creative development, creative details and help guide your shots list.

Will iStock pay for my Minilypse?

iStock will review your budget during the planning stages and may contribute to your event to offset costs, depending on the size, scale and complexity of your Minilypse.


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