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iStockalypse Taipei

Join us for a weekend of creativity and inspiration at the next iStockalypse in Taipei, Taiwan. We'll shoot and create imagery, but we'll also delve deep into sharing our creative research, industry insights and sales information to give you the tools to succeed in the business of stock - understand the local market demands, find out what sells both locally and globally, plus how to maximize your earnings from your stock imagery.

What is an iStockalypse?
The iStockalypse is a multi-day photo/ video creative conference and artist meet up. This iStockalypse will cover topics on current trends, regional creative content, the business of stock, and offer a shooting workshop. You will also get to meet with our creative team from iStock and Getty Images, exchange pointers with local and international artists, and make friends from around the world.

The iStockalypse program has traveled the globe to meet and recruit our talented photographers and videographers. We're off to Taiwan to capture this corner of the world in a 2-day intense workshop dedicated to creating great content and educating artists to improve their craft.

Develop Your Skills
Our passion is growing artists and providing them with the tools and expertise to further their experience, education and success. We set the stage for attendees to broaden their knowledge in a series of seminars, workshops and practical application designed to take their craft to the next level.

Whether you already shoot for iStock or Getty Images, or you're new to the stock photo world, this is an opportiunity to learn how to create better content, take your skills to the next level and learn more about how to earn more with your images and clips.

All things 'Taiwan'
We're looking to seeing content from absolutely awesome Taiwan! Modern, trendy and hip is just part of what makes this country special. It's jam packed with beautiful landscapes, a buzzing energy and amazing culture. Show us trendy Taiwan in all you do - families, couples, business, lifestyle, shopping, outdoors and landscapes, cafes, food and quintessentially; we want to see local faces! Join us in Taipei, Taiwan and connect with the local and global community.


A full weekend of activity-filled education and experience in Taiwan awaits attendees. For more details, check out the program here


This event is open to all members of the iStock and Getty Images community. Whether you’ve been with the Getty Images family for a while or you're fresh to the stock content world; this is an opportunity to take your skills to the next level and learn how to earn more with your work.

We look forward to seeing you in Taipei, Taiwan, please register and pick up your ticket here!


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