What's a Minilypse
Plan a Lypse

Plan your own MiniLypse

Travelling around the world to meet fellow artists and create images together is a great experience. Welcoming fellow artists to an event you planned and executed is even better. You will need a knack for logistics and a cool head under pressure to get the models and locations booked, the paper work submitted, the lights and equipment secured. But the reward is worth it all: the chance to direct and plan your own creative vision, and share it with fellow iStock artists from all over the world.

iStock always needs interesting content from every part of the world, shot with a local perspective. You can help by holding a Minilypse in your own area. After all, you are the expert on what makes your region interesting. Think about the local landmarks, unique culture, and one of a kind business and industry that goes on around you. Now think about ways a small group of eager artists could shoot it over a few days. Those ideas – the locations, models, and styling that could only take place where you are – that's your Minilypse. We will work with you to develop your ideas, sharing what we know about needed imagery from your region, and helping you create the best content possible.

We're Here to Help

Inviting the world to your doorstep can be daunting. Don't panic – we're here to help. iStockphoto and Getty Images will work with you to develop your plan, providing creative feedback, concept planning, pitching in resources, and publicizing your Lypse to the community. Log in to the My Minilypse dashboard to download the application form. Then reach out to us and tell us about your idea. If your idea has potential, we will work with you to develop and plan your Minilypse.